Working With Us

Do you manage your company's merchandise or are you on the PTA and manage your school's spirit wear?

We would love to partner with you to make AND sell your merchandise!

What makes us different than the other apparel printers? We have a one-on-one approach! You work directly with the owner.

We have printed for numerous schools in the past and managed the website.

We also set up a booth at your school's events and sold the merchandise on your behalf!

As like with everything, there is room for advancement and we have noticed that we needed to offer a few more options.

With that said, we are now offering two options or our website sales.

Option 1 is that we place your company's or school's merchandise on our website. We track the sales and ship the items directly to your customer. Note that there is no reoccurring fee with this option as we use our current website. We also take care of paying the taxes as the taxes are added at checkout.

We also have a running list of your orders that you may request at any time. We can also come to an agreement of sending you a list of your orders weekly or bi-weekly.

Option 2 is that we assist you with making a website for your company or school. You have complete control over your website and you issue us a log in to view and fulfill the orders. If you wish, you can also issue us permissions to update available items (so that there is no delay in your customers receiving their orders). Note that you will be responsible for the monthly/yearly payments for your school, any applicable taxes and tracking payments to us, as we are filling the orders for you.

We also offer our services to set up a booth at your company or school events so that you customers can view and purchase items in person. This has been viewed as the best way and noticed that this service has many more orders.

See some of the common questions we have come across below:

Are the items printed and ready to ship or are the items printed upon ordering?

This is a great question. In the past, we had all items pre-printed ready to ship. We have learned that while this is the best for reducing shipping times, sometimes some items do not sell or we see a decline in certain items. This could be due to circumstances such as hoodies during summer months or tank tops in winter months, etc.

Depending on the item, we may choose to pre-print the items or print on demand. These choices depend on numerous factors such as the type of item, number of colors in the design, etc.

Each company and school will be different.

We could always discuss this matter in more detail with you or your representative.

Do I have to pay for the printed merchandise?

The printed merchandise is property of South Bay Custom Printing LLC until a customer has paid for the said item.

Though the items portray your company or school's images and artwork, you agree that we own the printed merchandise until paid for.

Where is the merchandise located?

Our office and warehouse is located in Torrance, CA.

How much will the items cost?

This is probably the most important question.

It all depends - it depends on if your company or school wants to make a profit on the items or if you just want your customers to have the best price possible.

It is difficult to give a price due to numerous factors such as type of printing, type of product, how many colors in the artwork, etc.

Rest assured that we are more than fair when it comes to pricing.

What happens if we decide to work with other vendors or a different vendor?

We feel that a relationship and longevity is key, however we understand that things may arise.

In these cases, we request to be notified as soon as practical. We will also require the company or school to purchase all inventory that is printed and set up a pick up or have the items shipped.

We have worked with some clients that ended up cancelling their relationship with us which has lead to a major loss to us as we had numerous printed items on hand.

What happens if I am contacted about an order that never arrived?

All orders that we ship will have a tracking number. You can direct your customer to contact us regarding any concerns about their order(s).

We are having an event and would like to sell the merchandise at our location.

This is great! If you have the personnel to sell the merchandise at your event, we would gladly assist!

There could be two options for this. You could place an order for particular items and we can drop them off to you or you can place a request for items from our inventory and we can drop them off to you.

If you are ordering items, then you own the items. You could keep any left over items and do as you wish with them. Maybe keep them on hand of any future in person sales, use them as giveaways, etc.

If you are requesting items from our inventory, we will fill your request and deliver the items. You are responsible for returning any unsold items and paying us for any of the sold items, as you are selling them in person.

The bottom line is that we noticed it is better for companies and schools to work with us because you don't have to order your items and have the items sit at your location. We also don't require a payment up front (unless you are placing an actual order). We take the risks, however we just ask for open communication and understanding.

If you are interested in working with us or want more information, such as a quote for your items, please send us a message from our Contact Us page.

We will gladly go over options and launch your items as soon as we can.