What We Offer

Screen printing involves creating a screen (or stencil) and then using the screen to apply layers of ink on the printing surface. Images with different colors must be screened separately, one at a time, to achieve the final image.
Screen printing is the best for single color prints, prints with colors of text or a design (not necessarily an image) of orders requiring numerous pieces being printed.
We highly recommend using screen printing, when possible, for longest lasting products.
If needing to print a full image or a small order, specifically with a lot of colors, we recommend DTG, DTF, or Vinyl heat transfer.
Embroidery is the process of stitching threads directly into the item.
We recommend embroidery for hats, heavy jackets, sweaters and hoodies.
Embroidery is long lasting and has a great, professional look.
DTG (Direct to Garment)
Direct to Garment process is when the image (usually a very detailed design with many colors) is printed directly onto the garment.
For the best results, we recommend using this process on light color shirts only.
DTG is great when only needing a small quantity of items printed - there would be no set up costs like there would be in screen printing.
DTF (Direct to Film)
Direct to film pritning is when water based ink is printed onto ta film using special powder adhesive. The image is then transferred onto fabric by using a heat press machine.
This method is best for customers not wanting to print their images/logo on items and hold stock - Print on Demand.
This method also does not require weeding of excess material, such as vinyl printing.
Vinyl Transfer
Vinyl transfers are sort of like DTF printing, however with vinyl the images are printed on to vinyl and heat pressed onto fabric.
Vinyl transfers (also known as heat transfers) are great for items such as names and numbers on sports uniforms.
Vinyl transfers are pretty much large stickers.
Laser engraving is used for items such as thermal cups and other items in which the laser lasers off the top layer of the item, showcasing an image or logo.
Additional colors or images can not be added to a lasered product.
Normally, when lasered, the finished image shows a silver or black color.
Banners and stickers are normally printed on vinyl and can be cut out individually or kept on a roll.
Vinyl is normally used and the vinyl is added to a backing, such as cardboard or aluminum.
Many street signs or posters for schools are made this way.
For printing, depending on how many colors, we would choose screen printing.
We also recommend DTG for fewer items that are printed on light colors.
For dark colors, we would recommend Vinyl Transfers or DTF.
We use the highest of quality material for transfers and would recommend our stickers and banners for anyone.
Do not be fooled by the overnight 'apparel makers' on social media. Though it is great to start somewhere (just like everyone has), many people do not have the knowledge or experience with making products or they use cheaper materials that may fall off of the finished product.